5 thoughts on “Pele’s Castle, Transylvania, Romania

  1. Judith
    Nice pic. How old actually is this castle? I’m sure there has to be secret passages through out the whole castle!…So Dracula really excisted scary huh!…

  2. This castle’s construction started in 1873 and it was finish in1914.In this castle it staid and was build by King Carol I, King Carol II and King Michael I. The castle was taken by comunist regime and was open as a museum for a short time.
    When Nicolae Ceausescu became the dictator of Romania he close the castle,because he did’n like it.After 1989 the comunism fall and the castle was reopen to the public as a museum.
    I took this picture when i went to visit with my husband.It is a beautiful place,the inside it is just breath taking.The surrounding of it,it is so beautiful,I can still remember the fresh morning air.
    Love it

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