5 thoughts on “Cadillac Tree, Alabama

  1. i would like to say cadillac came first but then i would be wrong sooo hmm cant say now im intrested which one came first??///

  2. Which came first, the tree or the car? Well, at first glance I thought it was the car and the tree just grew though it. But something was was bothering me the whole day about that picture – the hole in the car- it was a perfect round, that just means it was deliberately cut to give way for the tree to grow. So the tree must have come first.
    Here’s my theory… the man who made this is an artist and thought he can make an art out of the junked, useless, dilapidated car and create something beautiful out of it. So, he cut a big hole in the hood of the car, found a young tree and put the car over it and waited for nature to take its course so the tree would look like it grew through it.
    This actually reminded me to be more observant and not make hasty conclusions. This happens when you age, you don’t give importance to regular things around you.:)

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