Multnomah Falls Oregon

photo via susan


7 thoughts on “Multnomah Falls Oregon

  1. this is a beautiful picture ,with all that nature around is easy the people take a rest .
    a relaxing view to some ones

    gaby 😉

  2. Where did you pull Thailand from? This is Multnomah Falls, in Oregon… like, the United States??? Just Google it and you’ll see. Looks like whoever put together this picture just reversed it (maybe thinking people wouldn’t recognize it) and overlaid a stone porch.

    • Thanks for the info, I spent a couple weeks trying to track down that location.
      Because it is photo manipulated I could not get a good handle on where it was. On one blog there was mention of Thailand so I went with it.

  3. These are Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Unfortunately this is an altered photo, the porch in the forefront doesn’t exist, I was an administer at this site for a number of years.

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