22 thoughts on “Nichon Romantic Highway, Nikko, Japan

    GABY 8)”

  2. Pretty sure this is what we grew up calling “The W road”. I guess we never knew the correct name for it. Nice ride up the mountain but would make me sick at my tummy going around all of the curves.😉 Proud to be from there. Chattanooga, TN and Fort Oglethorpe, GA rock!!

      • It goes up Signal Mountain, on the north side of Chattanooga. I grew up there and drove it many times. Sometimes you have to wait for the car coming from the other direction to come out of a curve before you can go.

      • See my Oct 1 post below– this AP photo was taken by Junichi Iwamoto and is of the Nichon Romantic Highway west of Nikko, Japan.

  3. Look at the number of hairpin turns in the photo, and the peak to the left. Compare that with both south and northern ends of W Rd. Are you sure the road in the photo is the ‘W Rd.’?

  4. This is definitely not a road in/or near Chattanooga, Tennessee as has been so widely attached to this picture. Using Google Earth and entering Nikko, Japan brings up the satellite image of this section of road easily when you zoom in on it. It is known as the Nichon Romantic Highway (120) West of Nikko,Tochigi Prefecture Japan due west of Tokyo.

  5. ok, i’ve been searching the web for two hours. this picture isn’t the W road nor do i think it’s in Chatanooga TN. but i can be wrong a i hope i am !!!! But the W road looks like a nice ride and it’s called the W road cause there’s 5 turns making it the shape of a W and this picture has 7 big turns so it doesn’t match. I write for a magazine called Hot Rods and Harleys and if you can supply me a highway number or name of this road i’d like to ride it. please email me @ http://www.goneridinllc@aol.com and please but in subject :Switchback
    thank you

  6. It is indeed Japan, as a quick look on Google Earth demonstrates — if cars are on the wrong side — perhaps the picture has been reversed in publishing it.

    • Try as I may, I cannot get enough photo/pixel quality to determine which way cars are oriented in this picture. While it is possible that the pictures have been reversed in printing — that does not seem to be the case using the Google Earth images. Therefore I remain skeptical that they are driving on the right side of the road — & I remain certain that this is Highway 120 in Nikko, Japan.

      I only spent about an hour on discovering this, but suspect that I rather lucked into the proper evidence. I do find the picture to be both beautiful and compelling — and appreciate it being promoted here for wider consumption. Glad I could contribute something to the wider appreciation of this picture and site.

      I, too, would wish it were closer to Tennessee, as like the Dragon’s Tail, this would be an awesome drive. —-Woktela

  7. A website by the name of Blue Pueblo, http://bluepueblo.tumblr.com/post/27981662392/switchback-highway-chattanooga-tennessee-photo is still posting this photo as in Chattanooga lol. It links back to this site. Lots of people resharing and reposting it and they still think it is Signal Mtn., near Chattanooga, TN. Funny how some people are so very gullible. Posting it all over Facebook and insisting that it is near Chattanooga, Tn. I live near Chattanooga and this road is not the W road.

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