Cable, Ransom, Residence
25 E. Erie St. at Wabash (formerly Cass) Ave. Chicago, IL
Cobb and Frost, 1885
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Commissioned by Ransom W. Cable, head of the Rock Island Railroad, the recently restored Cable house stands at the southwest corner of Wabash Ave. and Erie St. A distinctive example of the urban mansion, the foundation of the Cable house extends beyond the walls of the house with a curved stone course making the transition to the house’s walls. Taking advantage of the corner lot, Cobb opened up all principal rooms to the exterior. Although often likened to Richardson’s Glessner house, the Cable house exhibits a contrasting verticality: its two principal gables are capped with finials, its four chimneys rise high above the roofline, and its seemingly random masonry pattern carefully resists horizontality. The exterior has been carefully restored; the interior is significantly altered. The attached coachhouse, with a tower at one side and a Richardsonian arched entry, was originally detached from the house. • http://www.artic.edu/aic/libraries/research/specialcollections/cobb/res1.html •

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