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  1. Yes, the image is not real but a digital composite.
    The source image can be found in some controversial articles about a “Bermuda Triangle” in the Black Sea: vopus.org/en/gnosis/interesting-articles/the-bermuda-triangle-in-the-black-sea.html

  2. Update: The original source of the storm photo:

    It was taken on June 13, 2004 in Alvo (Nebraska, USA):

    Description from the photographer:
    June 13 Alvo Nebraska Supercell and Tornadoes
    Another storm claimed as being Katrina, etc. This storm exhibited some of the oddest structure I’ve seen. It was just another hell on earth type moment. It even produced some interesting vortices / tornadoes…..with the two apparently intertwined around each other(I still haven’t figured out how that was exactly…or if it just looked that way). 3 and a half minutes on this storm.

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