1 thought on “Split-View, Tahiti

  1. This picture reminds me of my deadly adventure snorkeling in La Jolla. I went in the shallow water with my wet suit and snorkeling gear on. Upon swimming the shallow waters of the murky beach unaware what lies in the abyss of the shallow waters I came across a Leopard Shark. Fear was my first reaction then came panic, my eyes had bulged out of my goggles. The images of Jaws scenes in my head had gave me this reaction but after relaxing and knowing these sea creatures are harmless informed from my scuba instructor, I was at ease and enjoyed the beauty of these sharks. It’s quite sad how we portray these beautiful animals as vicious brainless sea creature, I blame my self for having this image of them. Perhaps we portray these animals like this because of movies and media giving the brilliant creatures a bad rep.

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